The amuse bouche you bonded over on your first date or your fixated obsession with everything Grey's Anatomy.... the things you treasure, make you laugh, and all your happy memories… our planning expertise, cultural understandings, and design knowledge together translate to develop a day personalized to you.

Personalized details are an extension of our especially personalized service. Our dedication to exceed your expectations is communicated by our uncompromising commitment and attention, ensuring you have a perfectly executed event and planning experience to match. We collaborate with the finest industry professionals, and collectively invest in the success of your day.

Along with the conscious planning efforts and establishing indelible event moments, has also been the progression of true friendship and our emotional connection to your day. We share the anticipation and energy for your celebration and upon arrival, we celebrate with you and your guests this Special Day.

The Special Day experience promises personalization, dedication, and celebration.
Embracing these elements, we look forward to sharing together the special days of your lives.

Carolyn's passion for celebrations led her to transition from an established management career with a Global Fortune 500 corporation and launch The Special Day, a full service event planning and design company. Since 2001, Carolyn has been recognized for her planning and event management expertise, conceiving inimitable design concepts, and placing priority on providing clients with the most personalized experience. Carolyn's events are showcased internationally and repeatedly featured in leading weddings & events publications.

Her Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, in conjunction with previous professional successes, translate into efficient methods and effective practices, from organizing the full service needs of a destination wedding to managing the complete design production of a premiere social party for high profile entertainers and performers. Carolyn is masterful in using the conventional hotel ballroom, or empty urban loft as her blank canvas and transforming it to be inspiring and energizing. With extensive exposure to different cultures and having traveled to destination locations in every continent except Antarctica, clients appreciate her far reaching resources and her application of immediate solutions in response to any situation.

Demonstrating fearlessness through an episode of skydiving, canyoning in Switzerland, and enjoying the occasional ostrich ride in South Africa, Carolyn's events are approached consistently with the same level of confidence and enthusiasm. Trusted by her discriminating clientele, Carolyn values the relations she develops and bringing "life" to their celebrations, ensuring the honoree and guests are "leaving with memories that last a lifetime."

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